Wednesday, 27 February 2013   7pm, Upper Hall Emmanuel College
Free to members/£2 for non members
education society
1 in 6 children will leave school unable to read, write or add and over a million young people are unemployed. Is this down to economic inequality and bad parenting, or are schools making the effect of poverty worse? This vital panel event will reveal the ways in which teacher attitudes, curriculum content and school reforms exacerbate the social exclusion of the most impoverished young people. Lending their phenomenal expertise to the question of whether schools are the enemy of progress will be our panel: Dr Tony Sewell, who rose to fame with his work on black masculinities and institutional racism in schools. He is now Education Advisor for London schools and founder of “Generating Genius”, an initiative supporting high-achieving students from disadvantaged communities Dr Mary Bousted is General Secretary of the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL). As a union leader, she is the feisty political face of the teaching profession and has sparked great controversy for blaming educational deprivation on bad parenting Paul Dix has won numerous awards for his work transforming failing schools across the country. He believes that schools place children on a path of punishment whose inevitable end is prison and thus to end cycles of social exclusion, teachers need to radically change their methods and schools must reform their ethos Join us for what promises to be a revealing evening on the most pressing issue of our time Free to members/£2 for non members.