We are thinking of writing for this.  Comrades might want to write individual pieces, but it would be great to write a collective piece  that will also introduce our group and our activities in a strong article about radical education.

We may not be ready in time for this for the first edition on 1 September but if anyone would like to be involved, we might try?  Ruth and I have already met to discuss – we wondered if something about assessment in education, or about ‘teaching’ or ‘being a teacher’.

Please note the aims of the journal – to interrogate and challenge our own contemporaneity and to contribute to radical change in Cambridge and beyond.

A Call for Submissions for a Left and Radical Magazine in Cambridge

Ours is an age of mounting crisis and increasing political contention. Over the past few years, we have witnessed a global crisis of capitalism, uprisings in the Arab world, and riots and protests across Europe. With the fragmentation of established order of thinking and being, , new possibilities emerge. In this context, critical reflection on the present state of affairs, and the means by which they can be overturned, is essential.

‘Spectre’ aims to provide a forum in Cambridge for interrogating and challenging our own contemporaneity. To this end, this project is designed to bring together a variety of left, critical, and radical voices in a single space. While understanding that there may be points of tension between these viewpoints, it is hoped that a productive dialogue can be sustained and commonalities highlighted. In this way, ‘Spectre’ may make a contribution, however modest, to furthering prospects for radical change in Cambridge and beyond.

The magazine welcomes submissions on a wide range of topics. These include, but are not confined to, social and political movements (both internationally and locally), critical and radical thought, and contemporary culture.

Submissions in essay form should be 1000 to 1750 words. Submissions in other forms (photography, poetry, cartoons, maps, and so forth) should be no more than around 3 sides of A5. Please feel free to email us rough ideas and we will let you know whether we would be interested in publishing them in finished form. Alternatively, you may also make submissions without prior notification.

The deadline for the first issue is 1 September for rough ideas and 20 September for final submissions.

Submissions, rough ideas and other inquiries should be made to spectre.cambridge@yahoo.co.uk