Share Your Voting Memories: The First Results

I voted fir the first time in Aberdeen as a student. Voted Labour then when Labour was a socialist party. If I were still in Scotland I would be tempted to vote SNP not because I am a nationalist, I am not. I am an internationalist. But I would be tempted to vote SNP for its social reform programme although I’m also very sceptical about its capacity to fulfil it. Also social reform may be what we have to settle for in my life time – see Yanni Varoufakis’ eloquence on same point – but it is not my settled view that only an end to a capitalist system will bring about a faurer and more peaceful world.


A guest post by placement student Victoria Clarke.

Last month marked the start of a new exhibition here at PHM, in anticipation of the upcoming general election. Election! Britain Votes contains several spaces for our visitors to share their experiences, ideas, and creative flair. The responses we collected for the ‘Share Your Voting Memories’ ballot box range far and wide from the young to the old, the joyous to the apathetic.

While voting in local and general elections is only allowed by those aged 18 and up, several visitors recounted childhood memories of elections and voting.1

From watching the results on television, to accompanying a voter, to participating in school council elections, early experiences of elections clearly have staying power.

The most resounding result from the ballots is the significance with which people treat it – rejecting the idea of apathy regarding the upcoming elections.  Memories shared with us of being a…

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